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About Us

Fully committed to openness and transparency

The Ministry of Financial Services and Commerce is responsible for legislation and policy development pertaining to the financial services industry and engagement with international tax, transparency, and regulatory initiatives.

Departments & Agencies

The Ministry has responsibility for the following departments, agencies and statutory authorities.

Department for Financial Services

The Department for Financial Services provides research, policy advice and legislative support to the Ministry on matters relating to the financial services industry and reputation of the jurisdiction. It is the key channel for consultation and interaction with the financial services industry and other key stakeholders. 

Department for International Tax Cooperation

The Department for International Tax Cooperation enables the jurisdiction to meet international obligations in tax cooperation matters, in accordance with international instruments and standards, through the provision of competent authority services for exchange of tax information, collaboration with domestic and foreign stakeholders and engagement with relevant supranational bodies. 

General Registry

The General Registry officially registers and maintains key records of corporate and vital activities and ensures compliance with relevant legislation and policies. Registration activities involve registers for companies, partnerships, trusts, friendly societies, building societies, trade unions, patents, trademarks, births, deaths, marriages and public records. 

Cayman Islands Stock Exchange

The CSX was founded in 1996 and is a leading, globally focused, specialist exchange for various sophisticated products. The CSX is fully owned by the Cayman Islands Government and is subject to supervision and regulation by the Stock Exchange Authority. 

Cayman Islands Monetary Authority

The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority is responsible for the regulation and supervision of financial services, the monitoring of compliance with money laundering regulations, the issuance of a regulatory handbook on policies and procedures and the issuance of rules and statements of principle and guidance. It also provides assistance to overseas regulatory authorities, including the execution of memoranda of understanding to assist with consolidated supervision. 

Cayman Islands Intellectual Property Office

The Cayman Islands Intellectual Property Office is a section of the Cayman Islands Government’s General Registry Department and provides assistance in registering and protecting intellectual property rights in the Cayman Islands.

Our Philosophy

Innovation is key to our past and future success

We are committed to the development of progressive policy and transparent business practices in a manner that is growth-driven and forward-looking while upholding our global responsibilities. With a historical record of early adoption, we believe that Cayman’s bold approach of being at the forefront of cooperation with relevant international standards and industry best practices is not only beneficial for the Cayman Islands economy but good for the global economy as well.

Our Team

First class financial services expertise within a respected international financial centre

Our highly qualified policy developers proactively work to ensure that the Cayman Islands remains at the fore of international regulatory initiatives, cementing our position as a leading international financial centre. Click below for further information on the dedicated professionals who lead our team.