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Michelle Bahadur

Director of Financial Services

Mrs Michelle Bahadur is the director of Financial Services in the Cayman Islands Ministry of Financial Services. Her team of policy advisors guides the Ministry in relation to developing and maintaining the financial services legislative framework in a manner that is consistent with international regulatory standards and best practices.

Mrs Bahadur works closely with the Department of International Tax Cooperation and General Registry. She also liaises with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, as well as the Auditors Oversight Authority, Cayman Islands Stock Exchange, and the Financial Services Legislative Committee regarding legislative changes.

Mrs Bahadur facilitates the Ministry’s efforts to engage with local and international stakeholders on key financial services issues.

Her career spans over 20 years, and includes private-sector experience as well as public service, including regulatory. Mrs Bahadur has a University of Phoenix MBA; an Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators certificate; and a University of Tampa bachelor’s degree in management and economics.