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Registrar Offers NPO Compliance Session

24 March 2021

To help newly registered and existing charitable organisations understand their compliance with the Non-Profit Organisations (NPO) Act (2020 Revision), the Registrar of NPOs is hosting an outreach session on Wednesday, 31 March, at 6pm in room 1038 of the Government Administration Building.

Controllers and/or senior officers from all NPOs which were registered since March 2020 are specifically invited to attend.


The session will cover anti-money laundering methods, best practices for good governance, and overall compliance with the NPO legal framework.


‘This interactive session will help NPOs, especially those that are newly formed, understand the mechanics of the law and their compliance responsibilities’, said Paul Inniss, the Head of Compliance for the Registrar of NPOs.


‘We know that many of the NPOs registered since March 2020 likely have no previous compliance training and could benefit from this session. For the others, the session could serve as a useful refresher’, he said.


The Registrar of NPOs is part of General Registry, which falls under the Ministry of Financial Services. It has registered more than 520 charities since 2017.


The NPO sector is one of the areas that are assessed by the Financial Action Task Force for effective anti-money laundering, counter financing of terrorism, and counter proliferation financing measures.

For more information, please contact financialservices@caymangov.ky

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